One Piece: 10 Strongest Moves of Charlotte Katakuri

One Piece Charlotte Katakuri is incredibly powerful, but which of his attacks rank among the very best? Let’s find out.

Charlotte Katakuri is the second son of the Yonko Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom, and a member of the Big Mom Pirates in One Piece. He’s considered to be the strongest Sweet Commander in the crew whose power is second to the Captain herself.

In his lifetime, Katakuri only has lost one fight, which came at the hands of Luffy during the Whole Cake Island arc. Being among the strongest characters in the series, Katakuri possesses insane Haki and Devil Fruit control. His fight against Luffy gave fans the opportunity to explore his abilities to the fullest. Here is a list of the strongest moves of Charlotte Katakuri.

10. Mochi Hadan

One Piece: 10 Strongest Moves of Charlotte Katakuri

Mochi Hadan, also known as Mochi Blade Bullet, is a long-ranged attack. Using the powers of his Mochi Mochi Fruit, Katakuri shoots Mochi bullets from his fingers.

The bullets are coated in Armament Haki, which enhances their power drastically. It is very effective at long distances, as seen when it gave Luffy a hard time. While Katakuri is extremely capable of close-ranged combat, this ability makes him a threat in long-ranged fighting as well.

9. Yanagi Mochi

One Piece: 10 Strongest Moves of Charlotte Katakuri

Yanagi Mochi, also known as Willow Mochi, is a technique that Katakuri first used during the beginning of his clash against Luffy.

When used, Katakuri creates multiple legs with his Devil Fruit power and he rains them down onto his opponents. Coupled with Katakuri’s Future Sight, this technique is pretty hard to dodge. Yanagi Mochi was powerful enough to shatter the ground without even using Haki.

8. Amadare Mochi

One Piece: 10 Strongest Moves of Charlotte Katakuri

Amadare Mochi is an awakened Devil Fruit attack which is also known as Raindrop Mochi. To use this technique, Katakuri turns his surroundings into mochi with his Devil Fruit power and then goes on to use them as blunt weapons to hurt his opponents.

Being an awakened move, this technique has great power and has the potential to end fights within seconds. Katakuri can also bury his opponents under Mochi constructs, causing them to suffocate and, ultimately, die.

7. Mochi Tsuki

One Piece: 10 Strongest Moves of Charlotte Katakuri

Also called Mochi Thrust, this technique is one of his strongest and sees him use his trident, Mogura, along with his Devil Fruit ability to increase its destructive powers. Katakuri spins his arm at a high speed to increase the penetration power of the trident.

It can deal tremendous damage to the target and with it, Katakuri destroyed a very thick stone wall with ease, surprising Luffy in the process.

6. Kaku Mochi

One Piece: 10 Strongest Moves of Charlotte Katakuri

Kaku Mochi, or Square Mochi, is used by Katakuri for close-range combat. He turns his arms into square-shaped blocks which are then imbued with Haki.

Thanks to his high-level Haki, Kaku Mochi is a deadly ability. Luffy, despite having good Haki, got hurt badly while trying to block Katakuri’s attacks.

5. Yaki Mochi

One Piece: 10 Strongest Moves of Charlotte Katakuri

Yaki Mochi, also known as Grilled Mochi, is a long-ranged attack that Katakuri showed off against Luffy. As the name suggests, this technique of Katakuri sees him grill his opponents by using a fiery Mochi fist.

Upon being released, this attack travels at a blazing speed. Luffy, despite having good Observation Haki and reaction speed, wasn’t able to avoid it and it sent him flying through several walls in the process.

4. Chikara Mochi

One Piece: 10 Strongest Moves of Charlotte Katakuri

Chikara Mochi, also known as Power Mochi is a powerful move that Katakuri demonstrated against Gear Fourth for the first time.

This technique sees Katakuri makes use of Awakening. To perform this technique, he creates two massive Mochi arms that float in the air and imbues them with Armament Haki. Upon being launched, it managed to penetrate the defenses of Luffy’s Gear Fourth: Bounce Man, despite the form being known for its defensive feats.

3. Mochi Ginchaku

One Piece: 10 Strongest Moves of Charlotte Katakuri

Mochi Ginchaku, or Mochi Singing Result, is a superior version of Chikara Mochi. When used, Katakuri creates multiple fists in the air, akin to how he does it while using Power Mochi, and unleashes them on his opponent with relentless fury.

Like with Power Mochi, the fists are coated with Armament Haki, which adds some serious force to their already deadly firepower.

2. Nagare Mochi

One Piece: 10 Strongest Moves of Charlotte Katakuri

Also called Flowing Mochi, this technique of Katakuri’s is an awakening ability using which he turns every non-living thing into Mochi upon touching them, directly or indirectly.

When used in the Mirror World, Katakuri turned a large portion of the world into Mochi and used the sticky nature of the Mochi to trap Luffy. Even someone as powerful as Luffy could do nothing but struggle against this technique.

1. Zan Giri Mochi

One Piece: 10 Strongest Moves of Charlotte Katakuri

Zan Giri Mochi is the most powerful move of Charlotte Katakuri which he has only used twice, both times against Luffy. To perform this technique, Katakuri turns his body into a donut and rolls towards his opponent at a blistering pace.

Using the momentum to his advantage and increasing his attack power, he proceeds to hit his enemies with his inflated forearm that is covered in Mochi spikes. To add the destructive capabilities of the technique, Katakuri adds advanced Armament Haki to the arm. This attack gave some wounds to Luffy and even managed to create a giant crater in the ground.

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