Demon Slayer: 5 Things We Can’t Wait To See Get Animated (& 5 We Don’t Want)

The first season of the anime was a grand slam hit thanks to the amazing work done by studio Ufotable, but it only covered maybe the first fourth of the story. There’s a lot left of this narrative to tell, and it actually has an ending now so fans will have to find some new weekly material. In any case, here are the things fans are excited to see adapted and some things they could likely do without.

10. Can’t Wait: The Full Muzan Fight

Demon Slayer: 5 Things We Can't Wait To See Get Animated (& 5 We Don't Want)

To be clear, the point of this is to mention future events that we and the fans of the series are excited to see in future seasons, but spoiling everything wouldn’t be very polite. That said, it’s pretty obvious that the Demon Slayers are going to fight Muzan at some point. And, for the record, the fight is very well done. It’s tense, the stakes are incredibly high, and it takes every ounce of strength in all the combatants just to keep Muzan on his toes. It’s a long way off, but fans are already clamoring to see how Ufotable takes this fight to the next level.

9. Don’t Want: The Long Dream Sequences In The Infinity Train

Demon Slayer: 5 Things We Can't Wait To See Get Animated (& 5 We Don't Want)

Here’s the thing, most everyone is sure that they’ll do the Infinity Train Arc justice. Why? Because statistically, Anime Movies are where studios really show off their animation skills. But, unfortunately, no matter how well animated, the Infinity Train Arc is widely agreed upon to be mid-tier at best in terms of quality.

The villain is weak both in his motivations and physically, the fights are creative yet too simplistic, and the dream sequences go on for way too long. Plus, manga readers don’t seem to be too excited for the elongated dream sequences. Still, the big draw is being able to see the Flame Pillar Rengoku and how they’ll animate his sword style.

8. Can’t Wait: The Eating Contest Between Tanjiro And Giyu

Demon Slayer: 5 Things We Can't Wait To See Get Animated (& 5 We Don't Want)

In comparison to our last complaint about drawn-out sequences, this next one is about the incredible excitement towards a single moment being animated. There’s an interaction pretty late in the story where Tanjirou is doing his best to cheer up his original savior, Giyu Tamioka, but can’t really think of what to do. And, like the airhead he is, the lad just instinctively challenges Giyu to a soba eating contest.

Then, instead of turning it down like anyone would expect, the next panel just flashes to these two straight-faced engorging themselves on noodles. This is a joke that fans constantly reference for its hilarious and it deserves a 2-3 minute chunk of animation made for it, so hopefully that happens.

7. Don’t Want: An Extra-Elongated Hashira Training Arc

Demon Slayer: 5 Things We Can't Wait To See Get Animated (& 5 We Don't Want)

Don’t misunderstand, training arcs are a favorite among anime fanatics. Hajime No Ippo is a beloved series for just that reason since it’s basically one big training arc, so we recommend it for those who like Demon Slayer, but the Hashira Training Arc isn’t one of the most well-liked. The viewers will get to see a lot of the Stone Pillar Gyomei Himejima along with Love Pillar Mitsuri Kanroji, one of its strongest female characters.

But, other than that the training isn’t of the same quality of other training arcs in Shonen series. It essentially just powers up Tanjiro and his crew further in their stamina, muscle density, and Breathing technique. It’s a necessary arc sure, but one many hope they don’t spend a ton of episodes on.

6. Can’t Wait: How They’ll Visually Do The Pillars Sword Styles

Demon Slayer: 5 Things We Can't Wait To See Get Animated (& 5 We Don't Want)

One of the most appealing aspects of Demon Slayer is the sword visuals. Things like Zenitsu’s lightning, Tanjiro’s Water, and Kanroji’s Love-style effects. They’re never fully explained in the manga, but it’s pretty well-established that they’re simply visual flair and nothing more.

But, the anime kicked these up a notch by using beautifully made 3D elements for them, they really nailed it, so manga readers are pumped to see how they do the rest of the Breathing Styles like Wind, Sound, Love, and even Moon.

5. Don’t Want: More Of Zenitsu’s “Comedic” Moments

Demon Slayer: 5 Things We Can't Wait To See Get Animated (& 5 We Don't Want)

Does anyone find Zenitsu funny, like at all? It’s widely accepted by the fanbase that the guy is loud, obnoxious, and masochistic. And, oddly enough, it’s clear as day that was the intention, but why? Honestly, the fact that Tanjiro keeps him around is one of the biggest mysteries of this manga series. So, since they know there are so many more hi-jinks ahead that include him, people don’t seem to be too pumped. Zenitsu does have a lot more great moments to come, action-wise, but he has equally as many awful moments fans are sort of dreading.

4. Can’t Wait: To See Thunder God Zenitsu

Demon Slayer: 5 Things We Can't Wait To See Get Animated (& 5 We Don't Want)

And speaking of Zenitsu, the kid deserves some credit to balance out the insults, especially for his action sequences. In the anime adaptation, Zenitsu’s Thunder Breath Style is absolutely…breathtaking. His Thunderclap and Flash is very well animated and manga fans know that there’s much more to come. In particular, there’s a move he ends up using way later in the story called Thunder God that is the peak of his character arc and is another reason it’s one of the best Shonen in recent memory, similar to Tanjiro’s defining Sun-Style moment against the Demon Rui.

3. Don’t Want: The Brutal Deaths Of Beloved Characters

Demon Slayer: 5 Things We Can't Wait To See Get Animated (& 5 We Don't Want)

Demon Slayer might be a pretty “by-the-books” Shonen series, but there are a few things it does exceptionally well. For one, the threat of death is omnipresent for these characters, unlike other series. Anyone could die at any time. Of course, we know who but don’t want to spoil these moments. Still, there are a few death scenes that include both side and main characters throughout the remainder of the story. Some of these characters manage to say goodbye before passing, but many aren’t as lucky.

But, just because we appreciate the deaths, doesn’t mean fans still want them to happen. Of course, readers/viewers would prefer if they pulled through, but that would take away from the overall quality of the final product.

2. Can’t Wait: To See More Of Haganezuka

Demon Slayer: 5 Things We Can't Wait To See Get Animated (& 5 We Don't Want)

Many fans hated the swordsmith Haganezuka in the beginning. The guy was so rude to Tanjiro, who many agree is just the absolute nicest boy in existence. But, as time went on, and the narrative eventually shifted toward the hidden village of the swordsmiths, the guy really grew on the fanbase. And now, quite frankly, viewers/readers can’t wait to see some of his gags and gimmicks animated.

There’s one particular moment where he sends a note to Tanjiro with profanity all over it that has been referenced constantly ever since. But even more than that, the moment where Haganezuka really proves himself as dedicated to his craft is one that needs some dedicated time given to it by the animation team.

1. Don’t Want: A Certain Suicide Bombing

Demon Slayer: 5 Things We Can't Wait To See Get Animated (& 5 We Don't Want)

And finally, similar to the “deaths” entry, no one really wants this character to go. This is a huge event, so those trying to avoid spoilers, especially of a major character death, be wary. To be blunt, don’t adapt Kagaya’s sacrificial suicide bombing. Why not? Well because we and many other fans had assumed that this Demon Slayer Leader has something more insidious he was plotting since everyone seemed to warm to him way too easily.

But, as it turns out, he truly was just a kind man with a fanatical determination towards stopping Muzan. So, seeing him blow him and all his servants up in an attempt to take Muzan by surprise, only for Muzan to come out relatively unharmed will just be too painful for anyone to see. Obviously, the adaptation should keep faithful to the story, but this episode is really going to tear at some heartstrings.

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