Haikyuu!!: 10 Things We Want To See In The Second Half Of Season 4

Kagayama gets invited to practice in the All-Japan Youth Training Camp while Tsukishima is asked to join the first-year only prefecture-wide training camp. Unfortunately, no one else from Karasuno is asked to join, which leaves Hinata a little more than envious. Consequently, the middle blocker decides the best idea would be to sneak into Tsukishima’s camp and work as a ballboy to improve his receiving abilities and to become independent from Kageyama.

The first half of season four ends just as the match between Karasuno and Inarizaki begins, showing viewers just how tough this matchup is going to be. The second half of the season is expected to begin in July 2020 and will run for 12 more episodes, and here are 10 things we absolutely must see.

10. Karasuno Vs Inarizaki

Haikyuu!!: 10 Things We Want To See In The Second Half Of Season 4

The beginning of this match was already super intense and a great way to end the mid-season finale. The Karasuno boys have reversed their colors, being predominantly orange instead of their usual black. The change in uniform added an immense amount of hype for the upcoming game in both the team and the viewers.

Inarizaki is an intense team with a strong crowd of supporters cheering for Inarizaki, but booing Karasuno. The team immediately feels caught off guard by the heckles and acknowledge that they need to figure out a way to tune it out. Inarizaki is the first team in Haikyuu!! to actually seem like villains. Their personalities and intensity will make for a terrifying match.

9. Capabilities Of The Miya Twins

Haikyuu!!: 10 Things We Want To See In The Second Half Of Season 4

Talk about double trouble. Atsumu Miya was already a force to be reckoned with during the first half of season four. He attended the All-Japan Youth Training Camp alongside Kageyama and seemed to put some negativity into the boy’s mind. This inadvertently reawoke “the King of the Court” mentality within Kageyama, causing a brief strain against his teammates. Atsumu also rivals Kageyama on the court. He is considered to be the best high school setter in Japan.

It was revealed in the final episode that Atsumu Miya’s teammate is his twin brother, Osamu Miya. The twins have already shown incredible talent all over the court, and it’ll be interesting to see what else they’re capable of in the second half of the season.

8. Hinata Jump Higher (And Actually Hit The Ball)

Haikyuu!!: 10 Things We Want To See In The Second Half Of Season 4

Hinata’s entire goal within Haikyuu!! is to replicate a volleyball player he saw as a child called “The Little Giant.” As the protagonist of the anime, Hinata struggled with a number of hurdles when he first joined the sport, specifically his short height.

However, he jumps higher to make up for it. After meeting Hoshiumi during the training camp, Kageyama believes Hinata can reach even higher heights. In the last few minutes of the mid-season finale, Hinata tested this theory. He jumped so high, impressing and stunning Inarizaki, that he was over the net. But, unfortunately, Hinata was so caught up in his jump that he forgot to actually swing his arm and hit the ball. Hopefully, Hinata will try again in the second half of the season and actually succeed.

7. Tanaka And Kanoka

Haikyuu!!: 10 Things We Want To See In The Second Half Of Season 4

Tanaka and Nishinoya are the comical duo of Karasuno, always in love with any woman that crosses their path. But, based on the first half of season four, it seems like Tanaka may just become a taken man soon. On the eve of the tournament, Tanaka runs into his childhood friend Kanoka. Kanoka is a tall, cute, female volleyball player who instantly recognizes the one who got her into volleyball as a child.

Kanoka also appears to be crushing on Tanaka while also being very thankful to him for making her the confident girl she is. She asks Tanaka to watch her during the tournament, to see how great she has become thanks to his past advice. There is hope of the show developing this romance/friendship even further in the rest of season 4.

6. The Battle At The Garbage Dump

Haikyuu!!: 10 Things We Want To See In The Second Half Of Season 4

Karasuno and Nekoma have a long-standing rivalry: the cats vs the crows, the Battle at the Garbage Dump. Viewers have seen this matchup in the past during a practice game, with Nekoma as the winners and Karasuno’s oath of revenge. Well, that time may finally come.

Nekoma is a fan favorite team, with many personalities similar to that of Karasuno. These two teams are the definition of “frenemies” and have a great bond no other two teams seem to have. If all goes according to plan against Inarizaki, Nekoma and Karasuno are destined to face off in Nationals with their first official match against one another.

5. Hinata Recieve

Haikyuu!!: 10 Things We Want To See In The Second Half Of Season 4

As good as he is at returning, Hinata is notoriously bad at receiving. In past seasons, he has trained endlessly to better his footwork and skills, but to no avail. It wasn’t until his time as a ballboy during the first-year only prefecture-wide training camp that he truly understood what it meant to receive.

Hinata realized he needs to see the whole court versus just focusing on where the ball is. With this, Hinata has been able to intentionally be at the right place at the right time. His skills still need work, but, so far, he has been able to keep the ball in game rather than letting the opposing team score.

4. Kiyoomi Sakusa In Game

Haikyuu!!: 10 Things We Want To See In The Second Half Of Season 4

We first met Sakusa during Kageyama’s time at his All-Japan Youth Training Camp. The fact that Sakusa was also invited implies that he is a highly skilled volleyball player. Yet, there is an air of mystery around this character like no other.

During his time at the training camp, viewers barely saw him play. He was shown playing in a casual game and participating in drills. Every sports anime character has a skill, sometimes even a “power,” but, for Sakusa, viewers have no idea just how powerful and skilled he is yet.

3. Heart-Felt Seniors Moment

Haikyuu!!: 10 Things We Want To See In The Second Half Of Season 4

Viewers have seen a number of heartfelt moments featuring the third-years of Karasuno already, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have more. Daichi, Sugawara, and Asahi are in their third and final year at Karasuno, and this is their last shot to win Nationals. In the first half of season four, Asahi has already told Daichi winning doesn’t matter to him, they got this far and he was happy.

However, even with this in mind, it’s still their final time playing in an official tournament with Karasuno. For that, viewers need a little more heartfelt moments with the seniors.

2. Hinata Vs Hoshiumi

Haikyuu!!: 10 Things We Want To See In The Second Half Of Season 4

This matchup is highly anticipated. It seems like Hinata was both excited and inspired by his initial meeting with Hoshiumi. It’ll be the battle of The Little Giants, a nickname that Hinata longs for and Hoshiumi has earned. The two make up for their shorter heights by jumping and automatically became rivals due to this.

Hoshiumi seems exceptionally skilled in a number of positions, from serving to receiving, but he excels in his position as wing spiker, which happens to be the same position Hinata plays. Seeing him in-game—preferably against Hinata—is a must-have during the second half of season four.

1. Karasuno In The Tournament Finale?

Haikyuu!!: 10 Things We Want To See In The Second Half Of Season 4

While it is no surprise fans of the show want to see Karasuno in the final match, it would be an equally impressive move for Haikyuu!! to have the team fail before reaching that point. Karasuno is still new to being a “good team” in high school volleyball.

The third-years have said time and time again that the team hadn’t been this good in a long time. It would be almost unbelievable for Karasuno to win Nationals, dubbing them as the best high school volleyball team in Japan. Their loss would definitely be emotional, but it would be needed for the show’s progression, adding fire to their fighting spirits.

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