Dragon Ball Super: 10 Best Chapters Of The Manga (So Far)

While the Dragon Ball Super anime may have concluded some time ago, Goku and the gang’s adventures have continued on in the Dragon Ball Super manga. Co-created by Toyotarou and Akira Toriyama himself, the manga version of Super originally followed the general plot of the anime, allowing for changes big and small along the way, before moving on to tell new stories.

While the differences may frustrate the more continuity-minded, many fans have praised Toyotarou and Toriyama’s telling of Super’s events, with some preferring it to the animated version. Even if some favor the anime, however, there’s no denying Super’s manga adaptation has had some impressive chapters.

10. #17: Zamas: The Next Lord Of Lords From Universe 10

Dragon Ball Super: 10 Best Chapters Of The Manga (So Far)

An important chapter in the Future Trunks Arc, in which Gowas and Zamas traveled back in time to observe a planet’s species, while debating how gods should handle mortals. While the chapter gave important insight into Zamas’ psyche, what truly made it stand out was its comedy, including a Dragon Ball-themed version of the Super Mario Kart video games where Kid Trunks’ game avatar even knocked Beerus’ out of the lead with a turtle shell.

Further hilarity included Kaiôshin naming Kibito as the possible mastermind before Goku Black’s actions, and Beerus spit-taking large quantities of beer into Kaiôshin’s face.

9. #28: The Gods Of Destruction From All 12 Universes!

Dragon Ball Super: 10 Best Chapters Of The Manga (So Far)

The Dragon Ball Super anime provided plenty of glimpses of the major players from the other universes competing in the Tournament of Power. However, while it primarily focused on the characters who’d actually fight in the ToP, the manga spent a little more time on the Destroyers, with Chapter 27 provided brief but telling glimpses into each one’s personality and lifestyle.

Like in the anime, it also depicted an exhibition match, but instead of Goku, Gohan and Boo fighting the Trio de Dangers, it was the Gods of Destruction who took part. The chapter also boasted some of the best artwork in the series.

8. #48: Moro’s Wish

Dragon Ball Super: 10 Best Chapters Of The Manga (So Far)

Excluding a brief fight with Beerus over pudding, Super had often teased Boo’s inclusion but hadn’t delivered, disqualifying the bubblegum-like being from both tournaments he’d meant to take part in. That all changed in Chapter 47, which pit Boo against Moro, but their hilarious fight really got underway in Chapter 48.

Moro’s magic, which had given him an upper hand against Goku and Vegeta, was completely ineffective on Boo, who was made from magic. With his bizarre powers and the Great Lord of Lords’ (Grand Supreme Kai’s) strength and memories awakened within him, Boo dominated the fight, even growing a new head from his hand after Moro had blown it off.

7. #13: The Winning Universe Is Decided!

Dragon Ball Super: 10 Best Chapters Of The Manga (So Far)

While Goku didn’t use Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken to defeat Hit in the manga, their fight was still as impressive as the anime version, in its own way. When Hit began upping the ante during their battle, Goku did something unexpected: rather than immediately jump to Super Saiyan Blue like in the anime, he instead resorted to Super Saiyan God, marking the first time the form had been seen since Goku fought Beerus.

Goku’s God form made Hit resort to his full power, yet Goku remained undeterred, charging at Hit in a glorious ten-panel spread that culminated in the Saiyan breaking through the hitman’s Time Skipping.

6. #23: The Potara’s True Worth

Dragon Ball Super: 10 Best Chapters Of The Manga (So Far)

Vegito, called “Vegerot” in the manga, returned as he did in the anime, yet under notably different circumstances. The chapter included moments that were heart-wrenching, such as Vegeta deciding to fuse after learning from Trunks how much Future Bulma had loved him, and jaw-dropping, like fused Zamas attacking Vegerot with nearly two dozen Klangite (Katchin) cubes.

The biggest diversion, however, was Gowas revealing that Zamas was not an official Lord of Lords, having killed his predecessors for the title, and was thus also restricted by the Potara’s one-hour time limit. In the anime, Zamas’ fusion suffered problems because only one Zamas was immortal, while the other wasn’t.

5. #61: Vegeta Reborn

Dragon Ball Super: 10 Best Chapters Of The Manga (So Far)

Chapter 61 of the Dragon Ball Super manga was not just a game-changer for the arc, but for Dragon Ball period. The chapter introduced a shocking twist by having Moro eat his move-copying underling Seventy-Three, causing Moro to change form. Yet the biggest twist of all was the technique that forced Moro to resort to such measures: Forced Spirit Fission.

Taught to Vegeta by Pybara of Yardrat, the technique not only allowed the Saiyan Prince to exorcise stolen life energy from Moro’s body, but it also gave him the power to undo any fusion or absorption, including that of Namekians, Metamorans and Potara earrings.

4. #16: “Future Trunks’s Past”

Dragon Ball Super: 10 Best Chapters Of The Manga (So Far)

For years, fans wondered how the Majin Boo arc might have occurred in Future Trunks’ timeline, assuming it had taken place at all. While the video game Shin Budokai – Another Road offered one take, Super provided a definitive answer, with Chapter 16 expanding on what the anime only briefly revealed.

What was truly incredible, other than Trunks, Kaiôshin and Kibito’s brutal fight against Babidi and Dabra, was just how well the chapter set up what was to come, showing Trunks serving under the Lord of Lords and revealing both how Kaiôshin (and, by extension, Beerus) died and why Trunks never met the Elder Kaiôshin, despite training with the Z Sword.

3. #56: Warriors Of Earth Assemble

Dragon Ball Super: 10 Best Chapters Of The Manga (So Far)

With Vegeta finishing his training on Yardrat and Goku trying to figure out how to return to Earth, neither was available to stop Moro and his army of intergalactic convicts from attacking their adoptive homeworld.

Enter Jaco, who summoned legions of Galactic Patrol agents to stand in Moro’s way… as well as the entire main cast of fighters from Dragon Ball Z. The chapter finally gave Earth’s martial artists, who are often overshadowed by Goku and Vegeta, a chance to shine, including allies who had not been seen in a fight for years, like Yamcha and Chiaotzu.

2. #24: Son Goku’s Evolution

Dragon Ball Super: 10 Best Chapters Of The Manga (So Far)

While the Dragon Ball Super manga had already made some astonishing changes from the anime, Chapter 27 introduced two of its most audacious deviations. The first was having Goku “complete” Super Saiyan Blue by stopping any energy from extraneously leaving his body, even causing his aura to disappear.

Despite the chapter’s title, however, the biggest change involved Trunks. While the future warrior was seen training with Kaiôshin in Chapter 16, what hadn’t been overtly revealed was that Trunks had officially been the Lord of Lords’ apprentice, and, like Kibito and Zamas, had undergone a ritual that had given him healing powers.

1. #62: Edge Of Defeat

Dragon Ball Super: 10 Best Chapters Of The Manga (So Far)

Dragon Ball is at its best when it defies expectations. Chapter 62 accomplished that with aplomb, starting with the merged Moro and Seventy-Three defeating Vegeta easily. Yet not before copying the Saiyans’s powers… including his new Forced Spirit Fission ability, making Gogeta and any other fusions the heroes could try virtually obsolete.

Everyone from Goku to #17 and 18 then fought Moro and lost, and the space wizard erected a barrier to prevent outside assistance. Yet Earth’s God, Dende, snuck through thanks to a familiar face, and Moro soon found himself facing a newcomer who could turn the tide: the Angel and Galactic Patrolman Merus.

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