One Piece: The Rebellion Against Kaido Gains Two New Armies

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Episode 937, “Tonoyasu! Ebisu Town’s Most Loved!” now streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Throughout the last arc of One Piece, the warriors who remain loyal to Oden Kozuki, the daimyo of Kuri Town slain by current shogun Orochi and Emperor of the Sea Kaido, have slowly assembled warriors loyal to their cause. While the Straw Hats and Heart Pirates have helped spread word of the secret rebellion, the heroes hit a snag.

Orochi and Kaido learned that many people loyal to Oden bore a crescent moon tattoo on their ankle, a hidden sign of loyalty. Kaido’s retainers have begun rounding up people with the tattoo under suspicion of treason. It seemed that any potential soldier willing to fight the Shogun had been captured. However, two key groups have seemingly joined forces with the rebellion against Orochi. These two units might very well be the last two groups you’d expect: a town full of smiling people and a prison full of powerless souls.

Ebisu Town

One Piece: The Rebellion Against Kaido Gains Two New Armies

Ebisu Town is a small town filled with people who smile all the time. While the Straw Hats and Akazaya Nine have been hiding out in this town, it seemed uncertain who among the smiling citizens of Ebisu would actually support the cause. Then Tonoyasu entered the picture. Father of the perpetually giggling Toko, Tonoyasu is a charitable figure of enigmatic origin. It’s unclear how he is familiar with Oden’s former retainers, but he seems familiar enough to refer to them with casual honorifics like “-chan” and “-kun.”

Tonoyasu uncovers the various fliers circulating throughout Wano, figures out their inherent message immediately, and without missing a beat promises to help out the cause. It is unclear whether or not he can be trusted as a figure, seeing as how, during the night he commits a crime worthy of making him a target for Orochi. On top of that, Toko was sold into servitude under Orochi.

However, seeing as how Toko has sworn loyalty to Hiyori, the daughter of Oden, it seems likely that Tonoyasu is a friend to the rebellion. Seeing how loved of a figure Tonoyasu is to Ebisu Town, every villager might rise up against Orochi in his wake should he fight first.

Oden Prison

One Piece: The Rebellion Against Kaido Gains Two New Armies

While Hyogoro promised to teach Luffy the secrets of Ryuo (the Wano term for Haki), Luffy is still struggling to channel the energy through serenity of spirit. Still, while Hyogoro sees Luffy as a strange but powerful figure, he doesn’t see the full picture until Raizo appears before the two of them, offering food and reports of life on the outside of Oden Prison.

It is here that Hyogoro comes up to speed with everything — from the time-traveling Akazaya Nine to the gathering rebellion. While swearing his own loyalty to the cause, Hyogoro points out that the prison is primarily full of political prisoners, locked up for treason against Orochi. None of the people here bear the powers in command any goodwill, meaning that, should they be freed, they’d tear Orochi apart in an attempt to reject his regime.

While it’s unclear if the prisoners will fall into line under the orders of the rebellion, it is clear that the rebel faction, once underdogs without hope, might have two whole armies to fight alongside them.

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