One Piece: Chapter 989 Proves Why the Straw Hats Work So Well

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for One Piece, Chapter #989 by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English now from Viz Media.

Chapter #989 opens with the crew reeling back after Franky and Brook’s dual attack on Big Mom. Nami thanks Franky after saving her, even calling him “big bro.” Meanwhile, Luffy and Yamato are heading to the roof of Onigamisha’s palace to catch up to Kin’enom and the rest of the Red Scabbards as they fight Kaido.

Big Mom is getting back to her feet, as she shakes off the frontal assault she received. It seems she remembers Brook from when they fought each in Whole Cake Island, even remarking on Franky having a strange body as well. Big Mom loves to collect unique looking creatures to keep in her library prison at Whole Cake — and the cyborg Franky would fit right in with her collection.

One Piece: Chapter 989 Proves Why the Straw Hats Work So Well

With Big Mom a threat, Nami thinks their best option is to run, but Franky isn’t having that. The shipwright readies a Radical Beam while declaring “Do you want to make our captain King of the Pirates, or not!?” However, before Franky can shoot, The Numbers join the fray. The Numbers are massive ancient giants, similar in size to Oars from Thriller Bark. It turns out Kaido had these beasts commissioned in Park Hazard, most likely by Cesear Clown. Still, this isn’t enough to scare Franky as he blasts them away with his Radical Beam.

Big Mom goes in for a sneak attack behind the cyborg, until everyone’s favorite Fishman uncle Jimbei counters it with some Fishman Judo. Jimbei throws Big Mom overhead as she begins to roll with more and more momentum thanks to Robin’s “Mil Fluer” as her hands push her faster and faster. Big Mom curses out Jimbei, but the Fishman welcomes the challenge. Robin then finishes off Big Mom with Delphinium, the same attack she used on Commander Yama back in Skypiea. It’s been too long since the last Nico Robin fight, so it’s a joy to see her reenact one of her all-time best battles.

One Piece: Chapter 989 Proves Why the Straw Hats Work So Well

Luffy stretches up to a higher floor, where he finds Zoro and Kaido’s All-Star Queen. Zoro latches onto Luffy as he Gum Gum Rockets his way up to the roof, but the captain and first mate are stopped by Queen in his brachiosaurus form. Even worse, King reappears with some flying Gifters by his side.

Queen flings Luffy and Zoro back down to the first floor where Usopp and Chopper are similarly hurled out of the Brachio Tank. Sanji also appears while he removes his raid suit. The alliance of pirates and samurai is surrounded by the enemy, but Hyogoro says that “strangely enough, I can’t imagine losing.” The chapter ends with a double-page spread of all ten Straw Hats posed and ready for battle.

This chapter reminds us that the Straw Hats are at their strongest when they’re together. Back in Thriller Bark, the crew mopped the floor with Oars and Moriah as a team, and similarly with the New Fish-Man Pirates at Fishman Island. Jimbei hasn’t been with the crew for very long, but he’s already able to work together with Robin to perform a dual attack on Big Mom, one of the strongest pirates to ever walk the earth.

This chapter also reinforces one of Luffy’s strongest traits as a captain: his reliance on his Nakama to have his back. Luffy wouldn’t be where he is without his friends; he can’t navigate, cook, or take care of himself. Instead, he does what he can do well: fighting and putting his faith in his friends. Here’s hoping there will be more team attacks between the Straw Hats, as they now have to square off against Kaido’s Gifters, the Numbers and even the All-Stars, Queen and King.

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