The Promised Neverland: 10 Burning Mysteries That Were Left Unsolved in Season 1

Season 1 of The Promised Neverland ended on a stellar high note! The anime series by Cloverworks has accomplished an impressive feat of not only becoming one of the best anime of 2019, but also revitalizing the fading horror genre. The success of the anime & manga has even spurred Amazon Studios to create a live-action adaptation.

Season 1’s finale was incredible, yet they’re still many mysteries that permeated throughout the series that have been left unsolved– well, until the second season arrives. The Promised Neverland is one of the many anime series affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that will be returning in October 2020.

10. Why Only Human Brains?

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In the first episode, Norman and Emma discover the horrifying truth that they’re being raised as livestock. The pair and Ray hypothesize the demons prefer eating the human’s brain. The quality of the brain is proportionate to the human’s intelligence. The real mystery here is, why do the demons eat only human brains?

There are animals out there that are more intelligent than humans. For instance, there’s dolphins, elephants, chimpanzees, and man’s best friend, dogs. Maybe the demons just prefer the taste of human brains? Or perhaps consuming humans would provide them certain nutritionalbenefits.

9. The Children’s Parents

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In the final episode of season 1, it’s revealed Isabella succeeded in the training program needed to become a caretaker of Grace Field House, a.k.a Plant 3. She would later be impregnated via artificial insemination, as part of her inauguration. That same child is eventually revealed to be Ray. That covers Ray’s parentage, but what about the other children?

There are over 37 children living at Plant 3 alone– now take into consideration that there are other Plants out there, Plants that are likely home to 37 or more orphans as well. Unless Plants change caretakers every few years, there’s no way the demons could produce that many children in a short time span. Also, that theory is debunked because of Isabella was caretaker for 12 years.

8. Isabella’s Fate

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By the end of season 1, the children succeeded in escaping from their horrendous fate. While the children have won, Isabella has failed. Her failure has resulted in the escape of 15 children and the orphanage’s fiery collapse. It’s clear the demons will not tolerate a failure of this scale. Granted, only 15 children have escaped, but this is the first time anyone has ever escaped.

What will become of Isabella now? The obvious assumption is that the demons will likely execute her. If so, they’ll need to replace her and fabricate a reason for her absence to the children. Then again, there may still be a possibility she will return in season 2.

7. The Demon’s Origins

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One of the biggest recurring mysteries is the demons themselves. Where did they come from? Demons are commonly linked to the occult. So it’s unlikely they’re of extraterrestrial origins. They may have come from an alternate dimension and now have conquered Earth.

Then again, the only characters calling them demons are the children and they wouldn’t have any clue as to their foe’s origins. So the demons actually being aliens still remains to be a possibility.

6. Who Is ‘Him?’

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In episode 3, Isabella is seen reporting to Grandma the events that recently transpired. Isabella tells Grandma that her two oldest children know about the orphanage’s true purpose. Grandma then mentions ‘the Boss.’ The episode then moves onto a scene featuring the demons talking about ‘Him.’

This ‘Him’ sounds like he’s the demon’s leader. Since he’s yet to make an appearance, Him’s character is still shrouded in mystery. Hopefully, he’ll appear in season 2 where the characters may have a showdown with Him, to determine the fate of the world.

5. Norman’s Fate

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In the saddest episode of The Promised Neverland, Emma and Ray tearfully bid farewell to Norman before he’s shipped off. It’s a gut-wrenching scene, that’s made even more tragic after Emma’s failed rescue attempt. Norman walks with Isabella towards his demise, fully accepting his fate.

But instead of meeting a demon, Isabella opens a door and Norman is welcomed by a mysterious figure. The above image is the last image that’s seen of him again. Could there be a small hope that Norman is still alive?

4. The Outside World

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Have you noticed The Promised Neverland and Attack on Titan are quite similar to each other?Both series revolve around the premise of mankind cut off from the outside world and are terrorized by man-eating monsters. Not to mention their season finales involve the characters finally venturing out into the outside world. Unlike the Attack on Titan characters, the children have no idea what awaits them outside.

The first season focused on the orphanage, so there’s still much more mystery surrounding the outside world. Could there be more humans outside? If so, will they be the children’s allies or enemies?

3. Phil

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There was much fan speculation as to whether Phil was a traitor or not. The little guy is like a ninja. He always seems to appear out of nowhere at the most unexpected of times. In episode 12, which is undoubtedly the best episode of season 1, it’s revealed that Phil is not a traitor. But he still suspected the Orphanage hid a terrible secret.

Phil stayed behind with the other younger children. Now that Isabella knows Phil is in cahoots with Emma, what will become of him? Isabella did wish the children good fortune. So maybe she and Phil could form an alliance. Hopefully so, because Emma would still have an ally on the inside.

2. The Human-Demon Alliance

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Emma and Norman were shocked to learn Isabella, their loving caregiver, was working alongside the demons. The children soon learn there’s a whole organization of humans working with the demons to supply the man-eaters with-food.

The alliance between the races explains why the demons haven’t subjugated the human race, in the traditional sense. It makes sense, the humans raise the children as livestock and in return, the demons won’t eradicate all of mankind. The purpose of the alliance is clear, but the real mystery lies in the origin of the alliance’s formation. When and how did the humans and demons forge this uneasy compromise?

1. William Minerva’s Identity

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Halfway through season 1, Emma believes they may have a potential ally helping them from the outside. Emma gathers Norman and Ray into the library and informs them she found a secret message contained in the books of William Minerva. The message is comprised of a series of random words that they need to decipher.

Minerva was only mentioned in episode 6, so there’s still much to unravel about this enigmatic figure. Such as his real identity. If he’s rebelling against the demons, there is no way he would be using his real name. Heck, Minerva may not be even male. Whoever he or she is, let’s hope they’re legitimately an ally.

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