Sword Art Online Gives Kirito a New Ability in War of Underworld’s Final Battle

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 20 of Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld, Part 2, “The Night-Sky Blade,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

While it still has a few more episodes to go, Season 2 of War of Underworld dropped a massive bombshell on fans following what very well might be the final battle of the season.

Picking up right from where the last episode left off, Kirito saves Alice’s dragons by reverting them back to eggs. With Subtilizer’s attention on Kirito, Asuna grabs Alice and the two ascend the World End’s Altar.

Sword Art Online Gives Kirito a New Ability in War of Underworld's Final Battle

Kirito and Subtilizer then proceed to battle it out in the sky. Kirito does his best to buy time, but Subtilizer proves to be a step ahead of him with every move. Subtilizer tries to subdue Kirito’s mind, but he’s once again saved by Eugeo. As the battle goes on, Subtilizer takes on a new form that easily overpowers Kirito.

Desperate and running out of time before the server reaches its maximum acceleration, Kirito uses both of his swords to counter Subtilizer’s overwhelming strength with a new move of his own. While Eugeo’s sword restrains Subtilizer, Kirito uses his other sword to create a night sky across all of Underworld. As he does so, all of his friends and allies send him their thoughts to help empower him. Eugeo’s spirit comes out to help one last time, and Kirito unleashes a massive attack on Stabilizer that finally takes the seemingly unstoppable villain out.

Sword Art Online Gives Kirito a New Ability in War of Underworld's Final Battle

Just as Kirito defeats his foe, the Underworld server finally reaches its maximum acceleration. This forcibly logs all players out of the UW server, with Alice leaving through the altar just as she looks on to Kirito. With Miller gone and Underworld safe, Kirito heads to the World End’s Altar himself.

As he looks around he realizes that he wasn’t fast enough and that the server acceleration had already reached its max. Though he initially puts on a brave face, tears begin to flow down his face as he comes to grips with his fate. Lamenting the fact that he’ll be stuck in the server for the next 200 years, and remembering all the people he’s leaving behind, Kirito falls to the ground. Just as he does, Asuna appears before him, much to his surprise.

“The Night-Sky Blade” sees nearly everything War of Underworld’s second season has been building up resolve with a good few episodes left to go. Kirito not making out of the server in time was something of a predictable outcome, but Asuna’s staying behind leaves the rest of the story open to some interesting outcomes. Alice’s role now that she’s out of the server should also be something worth monitoring as season 2 nears its end.

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