One Piece: 10 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Robin

While it has its faults, One Piece has some great characters who go through a very real and emotional change as the series has gone on. Robin is the poster child of that, going from a woman who could cast others aside without a care in the world, using them as nothing more than a shield to the motherly figure she is now.

It wasn’t until the Strawhats show up that she rediscovers the heart she thought she lost. It’s what makes Enies Lobby one of the better arcs in the series. All that aside, there are quite a few weird tidbits about the character, from how her power operates to the inconsistencies many dubs had for her character.

10. She Has Her Own Jolly Roger

One Piece: 10 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Robin

While she still uses the Strawhats call sign, she’s one of the few members of the crew who has her own Jolly Roger, one that’s continued to develop throughout the years. It started as just a skull who had four arms in the shape of a pinwheel with a purple cowboy hat perched atop their head.

It has developed in the new world, adding in the sunglasses she often wears atop the hat with the image of her devil fruit in the backdrop. It helps show how much she’s evolved over the years.

9. Her Favorite Color Is Purple

One Piece: 10 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Robin

This isn’t a surprise to anyone who’s ever paid attention to her wardrobe. Even as her outfits change from arc to arc, rarely if ever do they lack any sort of purple in them. The shading may differ, from a more deep and royal version to the more lilac take above, but the fact remains the same.

She’s one of the few characters you can say that about in Shounens as a whole, not just One Piece. Far too often the different outfits never pay attention to detail, more focused on fan service than anything else.

8. She Can Feel Things Through The Body Parts She Sprouts

One Piece: 10 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Robin

This should be self-explanatory since she’s the one that’s sprouting them. However, it was anything but as Oda had to go out of his way to confirm that she does feel everything she touches with them.

For someone like Franky, that’s rather unfortunate when you consider the precarious position the two of them were in. She can sprout anything on her body as well, not just her arms and legs, giving it a level of versatility that isn’t often shown.

7. Her Birthday Is Derived From Her Name

One Piece: 10 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Robin

In most cases, a character’s birthday is just a throwaway thing that doesn’t really matter. It’s only there to be a bit of trivia for fans to wonder about. That isn’t the case for Robin as it has a little deeper meaning to the date.

The first syllable of her surname is Ni, and the first syllable of her name is Ro. The numbers 2-6 can be derived from Ni-Ro, leading the Oda’s decision to make that her birthday. It’s an interesting way to go about figuring out when it is, to say the least.

6. She Was The Only Member Not Formally Invited

One Piece: 10 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Robin

It’s well known that she was the one that asked to join the crew, anyone who’s watched the show or read the manga knows that. What is surprising is she’s the only one that’s ever done so.

Every other member of the Strawhats was invited to join, a fact that’s pretty surprising when you consider how big a crew the ship has. It fits her character by showing off how both strong-willed and confident she is.

5. She Had The Highest Starting Bounty

One Piece: 10 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Robin

This is a little skewed since she gained the bounty and her reputation before she ever even joined the Strawhats crew. When they started, none of them were all that well known while Robin was.

It’s still a testament to how dangerous she could be, as a character that’s more than just a devil fruit user, knowing how to use more talents than pure strength. She knows how to stay calm and collected, yet, is one of the more bloodthirsty members of the crew.

4. She’s The Ship’s Mother

One Piece: 10 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Robin

This has been stated by Oda himself and been shown on more than one occasion. Her calm and collected demeanor makes her perfect for dealing with some of the more rambunctious sides of the crew, often giggling at some of the dumber things they do.

While she may stay silent at times, rarely does she ever feel the need to raise her voice, always there to lend a helping hand when it’s necessary. She’s been known to look after Chopper, Momonosuke, and Toko specifically.

3. Youngest Scholar In Clover

One Piece: 10 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Robin

Robin’s intelligence has been wildly known for some time, able to become the youngest archaeologist in Clover at the tender age of 8. That’s well beyond what a normal child could accomplish, even by anime standards. She didn’t stop there either, moving on to become the youngest scholar as well.

It not only shows how smart she is but also how dedicated she was to history, a fact that’s brought up often in the present day. She doesn’t understand why others don’t show history the level of reverence she does.

2. 4kids Inconsistency

One Piece: 10 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Robin

To the absolute shock of no one, the 4kids version of the series is incredibly inconsistent. In their need to cover up her cleavage, they took to having her wear undershirts or just having her outfits cover more than they ever did in the manga.

That in itself isn’t bad. The problem is they couldn’t seem to keep track of what they wanted to do as some scenes have her swapping between the two. It’s one of the many inconsistent issues with the dub.

1. Oda Would Want To Be Her

One Piece: 10 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Robin

This was more said tongue in cheek than anything, but it’s interesting that of any character in his series or beyond, Oda would want to be Robin. He reasoned that with her power he’d be able to spout enough hands to draw manga twenty times as fast.

That may be the only way this manga has any hopes of ever finishing at the pace he takes. That aside, it shows just how handy and practical an ability like Robin’s could be in everyday life.

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